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Discover and invest in portfolios that help you grow your wealth with greater confidence.

SEBI registered research analyst

Diverse strategies for diverse investors

Optimum Risk-Return-Effort balance

Robustness enabled by AI/ML & control system approach

Backtested over 20 years


About Pankaj Singh

Our founder Pankaj Singh is a SEBI registered research analyst (INH200008644). He is an engineer from Bangalore University and holds an MBA in finance from Indian School of Business, Hyderabad (ISB).

Pankaj is an active investor in the securities market and has more than 20 years experience in technology product development and management consulting in Bosch, EY, Honeywell and Microsoft.

How IS Smartwealth.ai REWARDING and RELIABLE

SmartWealth.ai’s proprietary AI/ML algorithms drive investment portfolios

Market Awareness

Aware of asset properties and changing market condition.

Investor awareness

Aware of needs and preferences of diverse investors.

Diverse strategies

Strategies to fit broad range of risk-return-effort expectations.

Optimum Performance

Control system-based approach to detect risks and follow trends.

how does it work?

Create wealth in 4 stages


Select portfolios that match your risk-return-effort expectations, on SmartWealth.ai website.


Subscribe to those portfolios on smallcase.


Invest in those smallcases using your own broker account.


Rebalance portfolios when recommended.

What you get

Robust and granular research for confident investments


Each model portfolio is designed for a certain pre-defined investment size to ensure its scalability into future.

Number and list of stocks

Each model portfolio holds up to a certain pre-defined number of stocks and other securities.


Each model portfolio defines the share of capital to allocate to the list of stocks and other securities.

Pre-defined rebalancing frequency

Each model portfolio is reviewed at a pre-defined re-balance frequency and changes are notified accordingly

Buy & Sell signals

Changes to the model portfolio can be executed with buy and sell trades.

Execution readiness

Model portfolios are delivered over smallcase platform that can be executed by investor in 10 minutes in their own broker account.

SMartWealth.ai guided journey

Quick start with Smartwealth.ai guided journey

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SmartWealth.ai products for your needs

Our offerings are segmented by the size of investment that they are designed to grow. Investors can identify the appropriate offerings by considering 3 factors that influence risk-return-effort balance.

1. Size: Shortlist the offerings that adequately cover the range of investment size over your investment horizon. Each offering has a minimum and maximum investment limit as well as an SIP option, so consider offerings with adequate runway for future growth.

2. Frequency: Reduce the consideration set by deciding the frequency at which SmartWealth.ai reviews the validity of the portfolio. Do note that only some of these reviews lead to a change in portfolio, but a DIY investor should be prepared to spend 10-15 minutes at that frequency.

3. Performance: Evaluate the risk-return trade-offs of the shortlisted offerings to decide. Do note that the products are designed based on learnings from past performance, which is not a guarantee for future performance.


Strategies designed for fixed deposits and mutual fund focussed investors who may be looking to get started with simple and direct participation in securities market while containing the risk.


Strategies designed for early-stage investors who want to accelerate their corpus build-up through equities. The portfolio planned in 'Sprint' is based on proprietary quantitative rules.


Strategies designed for mid-stage investors who are looking to consolidate their fragmented investments. The product is aimed at investors who are actively pursuing investments.


Strategies designed for diversified investors looking to increase capital allocation to direct stocks to accelerate corpus build-up while containing the risk.


Smartly growing wealth along the path of financial independence

Be aware and in control

We stimulate self-awareness through a guided journey, so that the investors can reflect on their investment goals, current level of achievement and trading preferences.

Learn by doing

We have developed execution-ready model portfolios at different re-balancing frequencies, which take 10-15 minutes to execute, so that investors can stay involved in managing their investments to their satisfaction.

Start direct participation

We have developed Aspire family of model portfolios that can help investors in getting started with direct market participation.

Contain portfolio risk

We have designed our strategies to help investors contain portfolio risk. Our strategies typically have lower drawdown than the market during crashes.

Consolidate investments

We have designed strategies to provide investors with wide range of investment sizes, so that investors can consolidate their fragmented investments.

Accelerate growth

We have designed strategies to provide investors with wide range of risk-return profile, so that growth-seeking investors can choose an appropriate path to accelerated investment growth.


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