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SmartWealth.ai offers products that serve different risk, return, investment size and effort expectations. They are differentiated based on the universe of securities selection, expected risk and returns as well as the expected effort for managing the investment portfolio.

Currently we cover asset-class rotation strategies, long-term trend following as well as short-term investment opportunities in equities.

All products are non-refundable.

To know more, schedule a meeting with Pankaj through https://calendly.com/pankaj-smartwealth-ai

SmartWealth.ai is committed to help investors build their wealth smartly and live an unlimited life.

Our goal is to provide investors with choices that better fit their risk, return, investment size and effort expectations.

Our strategies are driven by frameworks that combines data analytics and control systems approach to produce superior results with a high statistical confidence.

To know more, schedule a meeting with Pankaj through https://calendly.com/pankaj-smartwealth-ai

A smallcase is a basket of stocks/ETFs* in a specified weighting scheme that reflects a certain objective (ideas, themes, strategies), backed by the research of the smallcase manager. You can invest in a smallcase in 2 clicks.

*ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are baskets of securities that track an underlying index (Nifty, Gold, etc) and can be bought and sold on the exchange.

The smallcase manager decides who can invest in the smallcases created by them and can create two types of smallcases :

  • Exclusive smallcases : smallcases which require a subscription to the smallcase manager’s Advisory in order to invest in the smallcase. You can subscribe to a smallcase directly from the smallcase profile through the subscription form.
  • Public smallcases : smallcases in which anyone who has an account with our partner brokers can invest. You can invest in this smallcase by clicking on “Buy smallcase” in the smallcase profile and logging with your broker credentials.

When you buy a smallcase, the index value is set to 100 on the buy day – this helps you track the total returns without having to monitor each stock. You can also use the performance metrics to get a more detailed understanding of your smallcase.

There are no lock-in periods, so you may sell your smallcases anytime. As a concept however, smallcases work best when used for long-term investing.

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